Gordon “Blinky” Blinkhorne

Blinky and MWBU

Gordon or Blinky as he was generally called, was extremely passionate about umpiring. He lived baseball and umpiring and had a real passion for helping people learn to umpire, improve the their skills and enjoy umpiring. He’d been a member of the earlier version of the association called Manly Warringah Baseball Umpires Association Inc. (MWBUA)which eventually fell apart. Gordon really felt that loss and soon Gordon developed a vision for re-inventing a local umpire association for the Manly Warringah area. Blinky’s tireless efforts eventually began to pay off with him gathering potential foundation members in 2010. The new organisation, now called Manly Warringah Baseball Umpires Inc. or MWBU started in 2011 and was registered with the Dept. of Fair Trading in 2012.

So its not an exaggeration to say that without Gordon, MWBU wouldn’t be here. Thanks for your efforts Blinky.

Blinky, naturally was the inaugural chairperson of the organisation and held that position for the first few years before handing over to others. During this time he continued to promote the organisation and recruit new members. His passion for training and assisting younger umpires never waned and he was always around the junior diamonds on Saturdays either umpiring or providing tips and guidance at games. Then later in the day he’d be up at Aquatic working minor League games. The annual Pittwater Cup junior tournament was a favourite of his and for many years he acted as the umpire coordinator for this great event. You can see some of pics from those days above.

Unfortunately as time passed Blinky’s heath began to fail and he was forced to retire and he moved to Cowra in western NSW in 2017. He passed away in 2021.

The organisation is much poorer for the loss of our friend, mentor and the engine room of MWBU.

Vale Blinky


Gordon had a vision to resurrect the local Baseball Umpires Association and following a number of months sowing seeds the new Manly Warringah Baseball Umpires was created. Gordon was involved with the first baseball umpires and has been umpiring for a number of years. Gordon has umpired at most levels of Baseball and has held a level 1 certification for a long time. Gordon has and still umpires in some Softball games, but his heart is with Baseball.

Over the past few years Gordon has held the position of Chairperson of the Manly Warringah Baseball Umpires and one of the Development Officers, both these roles have required a time commitment that Gordon has tirelessly maintained. Gordon has been instrumental in running local workshops to assist parents in improving their umpiring skills and has arranged Level O umpires courses at a local level. Gordon has also arranged for every club within the local association to have a senior umpire appointed to them to oversee the standard of umpiring is maintained.

Gordon has arranged sponsorship of the Manly Warringah Baseball Umpires to provide uniforms for all the members, and he has seen the numbers of young players move into umpiring, this has meant that our local competition will have umpires for years to come.
This man has worked for many years to ensure that the game of Baseball continues to improve in standard along with the umpiring improvements that he has and is still overseeing. Gordon has been granted Life Membership of the Manly Warringah Baseball Umpires and there was no hesitation on the members to give him this reward.

I have personally known Gordon for some 8 years and first met him at the Manly Seasiders Club and my first memory of him was dressed in his umpiring gear and telling all that would listen about the wonderful time he had umpiring the game and that he was willing to attend the ground any day to help new umpires understand their duties.

Gordon himself has mentored many umpires some of which are now senior within our area and even at state level, these umpires would also be honoured to see this accolade bestrode on Gordon. I personally am very proud and honoured to say that I have Gordon as a friend. Without Gordon I would not have begun to umpire and as anyone who knows Gordon would say it is very hard to say no to him.
I have no problem supporting his nomination for this award.

Brian Joyce
Public Officer